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Looking good

A good email design includes a mix of text and images, with important headlines, links and information in text form.


Logo: should be clickable and link back to your website.

Short sentence: What’s in the email or prompt to show the images.

Link to open email in a browser: [SHOWEMAIL]

Core/Primary Message

Descriptive Title

Subtitle (if necessary)

Short paragraph of text, or bullet points with main features: no more than a few sentences; the email should redirect to a landing page where more comprehensive information can be found.

Call to action: an image, button or text with a link that encourages people to go to a landing page or a physical action (like calling or visiting a brick and mortar building)

Many, small images: Ideally clickable; all presenting alternate ("alt") text.

Secondary Message

Additional offers and information: Should follow the basic content structure of the primary message. Can be divided by a horizontal line for visual appeal.


Your physical address

Unsubscribe link [UNSUBSCRIBE]

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A sentence reminding people where they signed up

A reminder to show the images

A lot of links to different locations

Engage in conversations by asking questions

▢ If you have information like first name, personalize the content.