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Can I change my From Address?

The From address should be thought of as your online identity. It’s what your contacts use to recognize you as a sender, and will often get added to their Contact or “Safe list”. It’s a good idea to keep a standard “From” address when sending, but use different reply-to addresses, as needed.

Why being recognized is important:

  • Helps emails from this address land in the inbox, not the Junk folder,
  • Enables images and links by default, giving you more accurate open and click rates
  • Helps improves your Sender reputation. The more people you have adding your From address to their Address book, the better your reputation

How to change your from address

It’s sometimes necessary to change the from address - domain changes, restructuring, or other reasons). These are the steps to take if you must change it:

1. Tell everybody

Tell your contacts before you do it in a dedicated email campaign. Encourage them to add your new From address to their Contact list.

2. Warning Signs

Include a warning at the top of email campaigns leading up to the date you change over.

3. The domain

The new From domain should be the same URL as the one they used to sign up. For example: If they signed up at ‘,’ your e-mail should come from something like ‘’ or ‘’ Additional recommendations for the domain.